Lush Christmas Haul 2015

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Christmas will soon be here and it's that time where Lush becomes extra popular. I know I'm late on the bandwagon, but I have gradually collected these and my boyfriend kindly treated me to some of them.

Bath bomb- Cinders: A warm cinnamon scent, with popping pieces to melt in the bath.
Bubble bar- Candy Mountain: You can use this more than once, a Snow Fairy scent, which creates lots of pink bubbles.
Bath bomb- Dashing Santa: For a red fizzy bath on Christmas Eve.
Bath bomb- Luxury Lush Pud: For a colourful explosion with a lavender scent.
Bath bomb- Golden Wonder: A very golden glittery bath with a lime scent and blue and green bath.
Bubble bar- Holly Golightly: For a cinnamon, sparkly bubble bath.
Bath bomb- So White: A pink, rosey bubbly bath with a warm apple scent.
Bath bomb- Butter Bear: A vanilla scented bear, leaving your skin soft and smooth.
Bath bomb- Star Dust: Vanilla scented, releasing lots of colourful stars in the bath tub. 

There are a few more I'm hoping to pick up and put in a Lush jar for Christmas, make it look all pretty.

What's your favourite Lush Christmas product?

1 comment on "Lush Christmas Haul 2015"
  1. You picked up some lovely products, Candy Mountain is my favourite! I also really like Snow Fairy :) xx