Review: Primark Beauty French Nails

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hey everyone.

I have a bit of a confession...I'm the biggest sucker for false nails, I know some people absolutely love them and others absolutely hate them; but for me I feel it's a right of a teenage girls passage too try them at least once.

I started wearing false nails when I was about 11 or 12 years old, some people would probably think it's too young of an age but at the time everyone at school was wearing them to I wanted to naturally join the trend. I'm 18 now so as you could probably imagine, I've been through plenty of brands.

I saw a lot of good things said about these ones from Primark, I saw they were a pound which made me think twice after paying a lot of money in the past for them. I caved a decided to buy a pack and I'm thoroughly pleased with them.

The actual nails themselves are really good quality and long lasting, the glue is just like something you'd pay around £3 for at a drugstore and all together they're a great and super affordable product, they last for 5-7 days and the packaging is fantastic, easy to travel around with you.

Do you like false nails?!

Peace Out.