My Acne Story | Tips and Advice

Saturday, 23 May 2015
Acne is something so many people struggle with, it can be caused by many reasons, I'll list a few here: Puberty, family history, non-comedogenic cosmetic products, smoking... These are just a few reasons of what triggers acne. Quite a lot of the time it cannot be helped, it'll just happen, especially if it's due to puberty, once you have acne it is a struggle to get rid of it. Sometimes just changing your skincare routine can clear it up (secretly wishes it was that easy for myself), but sometimes it's not that easy, medical help is sometimes needed.

5 years ago I was 14, during the early middle stages of puberty, I started to gain lots of bumps on my forehead and chin (would insert pictures, but I never kept many, during this time as I was very insecure about it). I decided to go to the doctors,  just to check if it was acne, because it didn't look like the average "stereotypical look", so it made me quite curious. Turns out it was acne, it was just acne laying under my skin, it hadn't broken my skin out, it was just building up. So I was lucky in the respect it hadn't broken out and I'd caught it in time, but still, it's acne, I didn't have flawless skin and I was extremely insecure about it.
Over the next few months I went to my doctor quite a few times, I tried many different methods, we figured out my acne was due to puberty my estrogen levels kept going either very high or very low, so it was effecting my whole body. After trying different methods I ended up on two types of cream and over the past 5 years I only used them every now and then when I had a flare up of acne.

I've recently had my acne return in my latter part of puberty, so I've become even more insecure lately, I took a very quick trip back to the doctors and got put on some very strong cream and I'm currently trying to get my skin back in better condition.

My advice is to make sure to check with a doctor, because there is so many ways to control and help acne, I won't lie, the ways to help acne is never pleasant, but it is worth it. 

I'm thinking of doing more acne posts, my skincare routine, make up looks, products...Even just to help one person, so if you're interested let me know :)