Acne Skincare Routine

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hello everyone! :)

My last post was all about my acne story, I thought a good follow up post would be my acne skincare routine.

So many products can trigger acne, so speaking to my doctor he actually recommended me dermatologist choices of skin products, he gave me three brands: Simple Skincare, Clinique and E45.

I will start off with my medicated cream prescribed by my doctor: I won't lie, it's not the nicest thing, it does burn and dry my skin out, but if it means clear skin then I persevere. I apply this every other night.

In the morning I'll either wash my face with a Simple face wipe or wash it with Simple soap.
In the evening I'll more than likely have make up on, so to start of with I use Vaseline to take my eye make up off, then I go on to use Simple's cleansing lotion for my face make up, followed by St Ives Sensitive Skin Face Scrub, then as a final wash I use the Simple soap again, to make fully sure I have got all my make up off, so it doesn't remain in my pores, which will cause more acne.
Taking make up off before you go to sleep is so important.

I use E45 cream whenever my skin is feeling a bit dry, it is always a no win situation, because the acne cream will make my skin dry, so I apply moisturiser, and then the moisturiser causes spots because of the grease, but it's all about trying and seeing what works.

I have tried this for about, 2 months now and it really has helped, I do also think drinking lots of water helps.

I hope this helps even one person, or gives anyone with acne some tips.