REVIEW: Make Up Revolution

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hey everyone.

Make Up Revolution is the newest hype around and I'm lucky enough to join the hype and try their products.

Starting off with the blusher in 'Sugar'.
This is the perfect pink colour to give your cheeks that natural flushed look, a small amount goes a long way. It would suit all skin colours and leaves you looking fresh (even if you don't feel it.)

This gorgeous nail polish in 'Adore' is a great polish, perfect for Spring/Summer. It only needs two coats and leaves a lovely shine, it also doesn't chip until about the third day. The only thing is wasn't to keen on the the brush, but never the less that shouldn't stop you from getting the polishes as it really isn't a big concern.

Next is an eyeshadow in 'Adore Moi' - What a gorgeous colour, it is just the right eyeshadow for a smokey eye and I've fallen in love with this product. I can't even describe how pigmented this product is.

Ultra Black Amazing Mascara is a great everyday mascara, it's very black which I like and the brush gives your eyelashes a lovely lift, it doesn't lengthen them very much; but enough for an everyday look. 

I'm a big sucker for red lipsticks and when I saw this my my package I was very excited to try it, the shade is called 'Twist'. This product really didn't disappoint, it is a completely different shade of red I have ever tried and it gorgeous. The formula is really creamy and easy to apply and lasts on your lips for a very good amount of time.

Where to find Make Up Revolution: Twitter -

Have you tried any Make Up Revolution products?

Peace Out.

Kylie Jenner Lip Tutorial

Wednesday, 14 May 2014
Hey everyone.

Massive apology as I haven't posted in waaaay over a week, due to not having internet for 7 days; but I'm back with this post I hope you all like.

There has been a lot of hype on the internet over whether Kylie Jenner has had something cosmetically done to her lips, or if they're natural. Either way it's her business and I love the look, so I've found 3 drugstore products to get the desired look.

I like to start off my moisturising my lips and I hear Kylie Jenner is a fan of EOS, so I had to use an EOS lip balm in 'Sweet Mint'.

To start the lip look of I used 'Rimmel's Lasting Finish' lip liner in 'Tiramisu', I lined my outer lip and inner lip. You can go over your natural lip line a little bit to give off that you have fuller lips ( I did myself) 

The 3rd and final product I use to get the look is a 'Rimmel Lasting Perfection Lipstick: Kate Moss Collection (113)' and I just cover my lips with this.

Here is the finished look:

I hope you liked this re-creation and be sure to stay tuned to my blog as I have lots of exciting posts coming soon.

Peace Out.

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