Complete Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Sunday, 16 November 2014
Christmas is approaching and it seems everyone is Christmas shopping early this year.
I've spoken to many people who have already finished their Christmas shopping (whereas I'm know where near). 

I'll be doing female gifts, male gifts, children's gifts and pet gifts! So hopefully this helps and covers a wide range.

Female gifts: Anything with Michael Kors on is a complete win, but their beautiful watches are just a classic piece of jewellery that never goes out of fashion.

The Benefit Christmas gift sets are perfect for any make up lover, with a wide range of sets and prices of them, decorated prettily for Christmas.

Onesies have been a crazy trend the past few years, there are so many different ones you can find, a few of my favourite places to them from are; F&F at Tesco, Primark, M&S and Topshop.

It's the best selling perfume in the world, Chanel no5. Every girls dream perfume! I'll be biased as it is my all time favourite perfume, but it really is a scent that suits all women and it's one I feel every woman should have at least once in her lifetime. 

Male gifts: A lot of men/boys are obsessed with shoes, they all want the newest Nike shoes just released and what better time to treat them to a pair? Sports Direct always do great deals on Nike shoes.

Who doesn't ever need more socks? You can get any type suited to the person and a wide range of prices. Perfect stocking filler!

I thought this was such a cute idea for a chocolate lover, making a chocolate bar bouquet type present. Lots of companies actually create these specially for the customer too.

Soap and Glory has got a great selection of men's gift sets this Christmas. Another company who has done a good wide variety of size and prices.

Frozen once again is THE trend for kids this Christmas. Every bit of stock, in every shop is being quickly bought. So many shops have got any sort of Frozen merchandise from pencils, to clothes, to toys. So many little girls will be wanting Frozen gifts (secretly I wouldn't mind them either ;) ).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been a hit movie, I really enjoyed it. I can only assume lots of little boys would be thrilled with a Mutant Ninja Turtle of some sort on Christmas morning.

A Nintendo 3DS would be a very big present, but there are a big variety of games for all ages, boys and girls. It's one of those presents the kids will certainly love.

Another chocolate present is on the list: Hotel Chocolat do the best seasonal style chocolates and kids will love them.

Pets: It's very mixed opinions when people discuss buying pets gifts for Christmas, me personally? I think pets are apart of the family and should have a least a little treat or something. I always get my dog Bonnie lots of Christmas presents because I love spoiling her.
Pets at Home are brilliant for Christmas gifts for pets; click here to go to their website!

I hope this gave to a bit of Christmas shopping inspiration.

What do you want for Christmas this year?