Girly/Glam Wishlist - Collab BayleeAnnHulet

Tuesday, 1 May 2018
Oh my goodness! I am so excited to be writing this post!! 
This is a collab with the lovely Baylee from BayleeAnnHulet, she's also doing her wishlist, so you should totally go over and check out her blog.

The first thing on my wishlist is this beautiful Tiffany's Pearl Bracelet...*inserts emoji heart eyes*...This is on the high end scale, but this piece of jewellery gives me Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Blair Waldorf vibes. I feel like this bracelet would compliment any outfit and make it that bit more glam and classy. 
You can purchase this on the Tiffany's Website

One of the biggest fashion trends the past year has been a Gucci belt, I've seen so many Instagram models wearing one. The most popular style I've seen is the classic black leather band, with the two gold G's, I've seen ones with pearls over the G's, the band in different colours. I looked through so many different styles and colours, but this belt for me is classic and timeless, not something that will go out of style. It has the classic double gold G's, with a gorgeous cream belt band, also with G's pressed into it. You can shop this at the Gucci website.

I am all about glowing skin and make up, I'm obsessed with cream and powder highlighting products. I'm always looking for new products for a poppin' highlight! One of the most hyped make up products is this Becca Cosmetics highlighter in the shade 'Champagne Pop'! It's suppose to be the most perfect shade of highlight and works for all skin tones, so I'd love to add this to my collection. Cult Beauty stock this.

Ted Baker is literally my style in one brand! Ted's piece's are always so classy, elegant and ladylike, feminine girly pieces are my staples. This skirt is the most perfect skirt in my eyes, made for a princess, it's a pretty shade of baby pink, with ruffled pleats and looks like it's made to fit like a glove. For a skirt, this is on the pricey side, at £149, but I think the beautiful quality is worth it.

I have been wanting a pair of baby pink Calvin's for so long, I keep saying I'll treat myself to a pair when I'm a bit more in shape, so it's good motivation! They seem so comfy, for them lazy/lounging days, but still looking cute! I think they'd look perfect paired with a silk robe. The Calvin Klein website stock so many varieties and colours of this cute set!

I hope this has given you some glam shopping inspiration!

Until next time...

K xxx

Easter/Spring Tea Party

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Spring has arrived, dare I say after all the weather we've had with 'The Beast from the East 1&2'...Spring is one of the most prettiest times of year. From the pastel shades at every corner, with Easter bunnies everywhere, to the beautiful bright daffodils and sunshine (wishing we could have more).

The Easter period is always busy for me, juggling work and using the time off I get to spend some quality time with my family and fiance. Having lots of roast dinners and of course, CHOCOLATE! 

I wanted to do a nice little pre-Easter tea party for my Mum, Dad and fiance, and of course, my cute little pooch Bonnie had to have a little fairy bun for a treat! 

I went to Home Bargains and Tesco's to buy some pretty Easter foodie/tea party bits.
The pieces I made included the Candy Floss Easter Nests, as twist on the classic shredded wheat/rice krispie cakes, eggs on a cotton candy nest. The pretty cupcake stand, with flowers and bunnies on was from Home Bargains at only £1.50.
I used some adorable Easter cookie cutters from Tesco's to create some plain Easter biscuits, with a bright, pretty pink icing. I always try to follow cooking queen Mary Berry's recipe's, as they never seem to fail.
I also used the cookie cutters to make festive finger sandwiches, with classic fillings, ham, chicken and tuna mayo.
As an extra cute touch, I got some Tesco's Bunny Bites crisps to fill in bowls!
I decided to dot a few mini Malteaser bunnies around the table and some caramels bites.

In Home Bargains I spotted the beautiful, pastel 'Happy Easter' sign, I couldn't believe this was only £1.50!!! I have seen so many signs like this for more than double the price. 

Maybe this has inspired you to do your own little Easter tea party over the Easter holidays, you don't need lots of money to have fun, just be creative!

What's your favourite piece on the tea table?

I hope you all have a healthy, safe and happy Easter week!

K xxx

Reviewing one of the most underrated Lush products...Lush's Salted Coconut Hand Scrub!

Saturday, 17 March 2018

A lot of my most popular posts are to do with Lush, as (for good reason) it's a cult favourite. They're most well known for their bath bombs, bubble bars and face masks, overall, product good for your skin, but this product is such luxury you all need to add this to your pamper routines.

Our hands go through a lot of damage on the day to day basis, they go through wear and tear, with hot and cold temperatures, always being in use. With our hands being one of the first signs of ageing, we need to take care of them.

Through winter my hands have got so dry, I'm always washing my hands, which strips the skin of natural oils and with the temperature having been in the minuses, my hands have been dry, cracked and bleeding, which I have disliked immensely. I knew I needed to do some skincare research for my hands.
Using a scrub was top of the list, I knew I needed to check Lush first, as they are kind to skin, their products always work well for me and once again, they didn't disappoint. The smell of the coconut makes me dream of an exotic island of Summer.

This Salted Coconut scrub feels so luxurious and what makes it feel that way is the ingredients, which include 
> Fine Sea Salt
>Fresh Lemon Infusion 
Organic Silken Tofu
> Japan Wax
> Sodium Cocoamphoacetate
> Argan Oil
> Cupuacu Butter
> Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Every ingredient is none harmful and natural, which is even better for sensitive skin.
I like to use this every night, I take a piece from the pot, rub it all over my hands, getting in every crevice of my fingers and palms. 
It's so gentle, yet, is abrasive enough to leave your skin feeling much less dry after rinsing my hands off. The cupuacu butter moisturises your skin, putting the moisture back into your skin after exfoliation is very important to keep the skin protected, all these natural ingredients are a beautiful combination for your skin. Be sure to dry your hands thoroughly 
After this I lather on any hand cream I use at the time, I haven't found mine cult favourite yet. If you have any hand cream recommendations, please let me know!

If you need something to add to your wish list, this needs to be the next thing!

K xxx

10 Old Hollywood Stars Beauty Secrets

Saturday, 24 February 2018

I don't know about anyone else, but the old Hollywood stars are one of my biggest interests, the 40's and 50's, the glitz and glamour. Before the days of photoshop, botox and other injectables to enhance ourselves, they had other beauty secrets that are completely different to our generation.
I done some research and gained some of the facts of each celebrity beauty hacks.
Here are my top 10...

1 -Have you ever watched 'Mommie Dearest'? The movie based off of the book written by Joan Crawford's adopted daughter. Through the beginning sequence of the move Joan Crawford was shown to wash her face, and then continued to bring out a huge bowl of ice, she topped up with cold water and covered her face 25 times every morning, she suffered from OCD, so it had to be 25. There are amazing properties to the skin by doing this including tightening of the skin, closing pores, which helps fight acne, this also reduces face swelling and promotes good circulation.

2- Carrying on from fact 1, Marilyn  Monroe used to take ice baths, it was reported she feared her body aging, so she done this regularly, and in true Marilyn style to make that a bit more glamorous she added drops of chanel no 5. I also learnt Marilyn used to suffer with chronic bronchitis , so I don't advise this beauty tip.

3- Audrey Hepburn was well known for her bambi-like, thick, long lashes, her trick behind it was a bit dangerous and yet another beauty trick I wouldn't advise. After Audrey applied each coat of her mascara, she took a pin, yes, a pin and individually separated every lash apart, which meant they were not clumpy and spider-like.

4-Bette Davis suffered with puffy eyes, which I can relate to, you know when mornings when you wake up feeling puffy eyed and sluggish? Her trick to combat that was by applying petroleum jelly (Vaseline) underneath her eyes, then used two slices of cucumber, which stayed in place with the petroleum jelly, which proved to work very well for her, as the cucumber has cooling qualities.

5 - Elizabeth Taylor was another well known lady full of glamour. Her hack was for her facial skin. She loved her heavy make up, but to make her skin have a flawless base to work with, she shaved her face to remove fine baby hairs and the surface layer of skin cells, which gives skin a facial like glow. If you are thinking of trying this method, please know it wasn't done like how men shave their faces. Here's a link of a woman's facial razor you can buy online.

6- Until I found out this secret, I always thought Kim Kardashian was the creator/queen of contour, but I will have you know, it's been happening for many years. The original contour queen was in fact Princess Grace Kelly. She used to contour with blush, she used a lighter shade for under her cheekbones and a darker for her apples, to create the illusion. Who knew contouring with blusher was a thing?!

7- This next beauty secret is the most extreme one on the list. Marlene Dietrich went to the lengths and had her molars removed to accentuate her cheekbones, that is insane vanity right there! She also used surgical tape to give her self a temporary face lift and hid the tape under a wig.

8- Back to a more tamed secret, Greta Garbo's trick to make her eyes look more theatrical. Greta placed a thin layer of petroleum jelly on her eyelids, when she used a dark eyeshadow, it created a bold eye look. The original primer, Vaseline, haha! She also mixed petroleum jelly with her eyeliner, to make it stand out more!

9- Mae West found out about the benefits of coconut oil long before us it seems. She used it on her face and body, everyday through her life. She believed it was the best product to keep youthful.

10- Last but not least, Rita Hayworth's beauty secret! Rita kept her perfect hair line by shaving it, to create a flawless hair and make up look. Kim Kardashian is known for copying this old beauty hack, but with our modern technology, she uses lazer hair removal instead of shaving. 

What beauty secret shocked you the most?

                                                                      K xxx


Friday, 26 January 2018

Oh. My. Goodness. Where do I start?... 
As you saw by the title, I GOT ENGAGED! I cannot explain how happy and excited I am to be writing this blogpost. I don't usually write anything personal on my blog, it's usually beauty and fashion based topics, but this is my little corner of the internet and my life isn't all about beauty and fashion, (even though that is what I love.) I would like to share more about what happens in my life. 
This is a whole new chapter of our relationship. 

The proposal was a total surprise! We had discussed getting engaged, married etc, but Jamie kept telling me he's got plans for "next year", which completely blinded me. In all fairness, he was going to wait until next year (2018), but once he got the ring, that changed it for him, he couldn't wait, he got so excited and wanted to propose sooner. He decided to go to the same jewelers we went to design our promise rings, he designed my engagement ring all himself, 9ct gold, with 7 diamonds, 3 mixed sized ones on the lead up to the one larger one.
It's perfect for my small hands! I absolutely love it and think it's beautiful, but I am biased.

We became a couple a week before Christmas, so Christmas has always felt like our season, we both also love Christmas, so Jamie decided to make the time of year even more magical.
The 18th December 2017 marked us being a couple for 3 years. He decided that was going to be the day. We already arranged the day together, we was going to one of my favourite places, Canterbury Cathedral and then to dinner at Zizzi's in the evening.
Our day all went to plan, but as we was going round the cathedral Jamie wanted to go to the Cloister, which looks like a scene out of Hogwarts, as we were walking around and that was his moment and it was the most perfect. He made the moment so romantic, he done amazingly!
Jamie and I lit 4 candles at the catherdral, 3 was to remember my two Nan's and my Grandad, whom are no longer here. The fourth candle was to remember Jamie's Grandpa, whom is no longer with us. Doing that small gesture, made it still felt like they was there with us.

On the 18th December 2014, we became a couple.
On 18th December 2015, we gave each other our promise rings.
On 18th December 2017, we got engaged.

K xxx

Everyday Glam Makeup Look

Friday, 5 January 2018

It's probably pretty obvious if you follow me here that I am a huge lover of make up, but I also do love a good old no make up day. So on the days I do wear make up (which is most with the amount I'm at work), I still love to do a glam make up look! It makes me feel better about myself, whether it's a lot of make up for an everyday basis or not. 

The products I use for the base make up | 

Smashbox Photofinish Primer - Oh my goodness, this is a must have product for me, I always go back to this primer, time and time again, it is by far the best primer I have ever tired, especially for oily/combination skin like I have. The silk like feel as it lays on my skin is so luxurious, it keeps my foundation on for absolute hours. 
I went to a wedding last June and it was the hottest day of the year, my make up lasted 12 hours in that heat! So this had my heart even more from that day!

L'oreal Infallible Total Cover - This is my second tube of this foundation, for a drugstore foundation I have been super impressed by the quality and long lasting finish. It's a medium to full coverage foundation, the texture is quite thick, but blends seamlessly with a youthful, good coverage finish.

YSL Touche Eclat Illuminating Concealer Pen - Can I just start with how beautiful the packaging is of this?! This was a well known hype product a few years ago and it's still a beautiful product. I would say this is a light/medium coverage concealer, but it's a light product that brightens them dark patches wonderfully and gives a youthful, glowy skin look.

Mac Studio Fix Powder - This powder is incredible! Usually through the summer, when it gets to make up melting weather, I leave the foundation and just wear this powder alone, wearing just this powder leaves you with such a flawless finish, whether it's a good or bad skin bad, the coverage is pretty immense!

YSL Bronzer - Unfortunately this product is quite a few years old now and is a discontinued product, but if all their bronzers are as good as this, it's totally worth the money, long lasting, the formula blends beautifully and is a lovely colour for pale skin like mine.

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder - Ahh, this highlighter is such a luxury! In my opinion this is the perfect highlighter for all skin tones, it gives my skin such a natural, healthy glow and I think in the Summer this is going to look especially stunning!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow - Another hyped about product, but this one took me a while to understand the hype about, it took me a while to get on with this product. After I persisted I found the right amount to put on my brows without them looking a bit...Overdone. Once I found that balance I realised why it was such a hyped product! 

Eye make up products | 

MAC Eyeshadows in Ricepaper and Chocolate Brown - No matter how many eyeshadows I try, different palettes, I always go back to Mac. The way they perfectly blend, they have a long, staying put formula (in my opinion) and these are just the perfect eyeshadows for me.
I love these colours together, the shiny, bright, highlighting shade on my lid, inner corner and brow bone, with the chocolaty brown swept in my crease, giving my eyes some dimension. 

Chanel Kohl Eye Pencil - This is just a regular black kohl pencil, I usually place a thin line over my lash line and just in my tight line, just to deepen up the eye look. This eyeliner blends so nicely, which is great for a thin line just on my lash line.

Benefit's They're Real Mascara - I don't know how many times I have raved about this mascara on here, but, it is still my current ultimate favourite!!! It's the blackest black, lengthens and thickens my lashes, in one mascara, couldn't recommend a better mascara.

Lip look products |

This lip combination is my current favourite, I think one again, Mac produce long lasting products. The lip liner I use nearly everyday is Mac's Spice, I think every blogger must own this after all the Kylie Jenner lip hype! It is the perfect brown/nude lip liner and it's the sort of colour that you can match with all sorts of lipsticks and lipglosses and I think it should be in everyone's make up collections.
The lipstick I am wearing in these pictures is Mac's Creme Cup, another old classic, this is such a creamy nude, which perfectly compliments Mac's Spice lip liner. Mac's lip products always last such a long time through the day, I have eaten a full meal and my lips barely needed touching up. Amazing combo!!

I hope you liked my everyday glam make up look.

What are your favourite make up products I need to add to my collection?



What I Got For Christmas 2017

Wednesday, 27 December 2017
How has Christmas Day already been and gone?! I feel like there is such a long build up and Christmas day itself goes as quick as a flash. 
I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas, I had a really lovely day with my family and I feel so lucky and grateful to have received so many lovely, lovely gifts. 
I know these posts seem to cause some controversy, but I love these posts and enjoy reading them myself, because I love having a nosey and getting shopping ideas! 

I'll start off with presents from my parents...

My first present was this globe with a beautiful ballerina figurine in. How beautiful is she?! I am so happy with this, it's sat on my windowsill and totally gives me The Nutcracker vibes.

My parents know how much I love collecting perfumes and trying new scents, as well as keeping my old favourites in my collection. I absolutely love YSL's Black Opium, it has vanilla, musky tones and just smells divine! 
I thought this Ted Baker mini perfume set was adorable, sets like this are brilliant to try different scents, which you might not have tried otherwise. The rose gold, bow packaging is aesthetically pleasing, so is a complete win win if you ask me.

I done a lot of research about facial sonic brushes, I have problematic skin, so an exfoliator seems to be too harsh, which is why this took my eye, a lady at the Clinique counter done a demonstration and I fell in love! Click here to have a look, I know these regularly go on sale through the year!

I am a huge Disney fanatic, Disney just seems to make me so happy! I love collecting Disney merchandise and I received this gorgeous Dumbo plush this Christmas, but what made it even more special was the little personalised tag on his leg, with my name on. I adore this.
Audrey Hepburn is one of my style icons and I am so excited to see a different classy Audrey look every month! 

A colour theme with these two clothing pieces, firstly is this cosy, warm, basic beige jumper from Primark, which will go with so many outfits and is a key wardrobe essential. 
I never really knew if I liked the puffer jacket trend, I saw so many girls completely rocking them, looking so stylish and I felt I wasn't going to find one for me...Then I went to Zara and found THE perfect one! One that didn't make me look too much like a giant marshmallow, haha! One that was warm, but still stylish, Zara is amazing!!!

Next are my presents from my newly fiance...(I'm still pinching myself)...
He knows Lush is always a good idea, adding to my Lush jar with some of my favourites is always a good idea! He got me Butterbear, Sex bomb and Think Pink.

He knows I love painting my nails, I love girly colours and he done amazing with these choices! This mauve pink colour is Sally Hansen's 'Pink Prancer' from the Christmas collection. Essie's Sheer Luck and last, but not least this pretty little candy cane, with 3 different shades with wedding names on.

My two main presents are this YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer, I am so excited to try this, it has to be the prettiest primer I have ever seen, so golden and beautiful, I have heard so many good things about this product! 
My second main product is this Chanel eyeshadow contour brush, I've never had such an expensive make up brush, so I am excited to see if this lives up to the hype! 
My other stocking present this is No7 Matte Liquid Lips is the shade 'Grace'.

My future sister and brother in law got me two lovely gifts, the first one is this beautiful Christmas tree ornament, a keepsake to remember our first Christmas being engaged. Which I absolutely adore! The second present is this Benefit make up set, which products I have already tried and loved, also some new products I am very excited to try.

My fiance's parents and brother got me these two lovely gifts. Starting off with this YSL Touche Eclat under-eye brightening pen set, with a free little YSL Touche Ecalt Blur Primer, such a make up cult classic! 
Carrying on with the Disney theme, I love collecting Disney Traditions, so to add to my collection I have this gorgeous little Thumper, the sweetest little rabbit ever!!! 

I hope this has given you some shopping inspiration and you've had a lovely christmas!

Kellie xoxo