21st Birthday Haul!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

I have just turned 21!!! 
How time flies...I've done a birthday haul for a few years in a row now, but this one is extra special as it's my 21st!

This isn't all of what I got, I was very lucky to have received so many wonderful gifts and lots of money for a trip to London, so I've picked the more beauty/fashion gifts for this post.

Starting off with what my boyfriend got me, all the things he got me were perfect, he spoilt me rotten and I didn't expect all the surprises!
He got me a 21st tiara and 21 today sash, he always calls me his princess, so it was only fitting to get a tiara ;)
(My Mum got me the badge!)
My main present from him was this absolutely beautiful Michael Kors - Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Tote Bag, in a baby pink colour and I'm absolutely obsessed, it was the best surprise!
I collect Disney Traditions and I already had Olaf, so he got me Anna and Elsa! He always says I'm like Anna, so got the Anna from the Haute collection, they're both beautiful!
I am a HUGE Chanel lover, so he got me two nail polishes, a pink one and a red one.
Then to top off the day, I had a special delivery with a gorgeous special made card and a beautiful bouquet of red roses, what a treat!!!

Now to what my Mum and Dad got me...
I have an obsession with Michael Kors jewellery, I have a watch and a bracelet more of the chunkier side, but this is so pretty with all the delicate diamantes.
They got me lots of clothes, I'm loving beige, cream and baby pinks for clothing.
These amazing beige boots with sparkly heels are from Primark and I am in total love, they're amazing and totally my style.
Giorgio Armani perfume set, which I love a set with different mini scents, so it can test them to see what I prefer and like!
Chanel no5, the classic scent, I love in soap form also, very luxurious!
As I'm sure you can tell so far, I love glitter and sparkles, so Sparkly Pumpkin from Lush was a must-have.

My Nan gave a Essie nail polish, with a small free one and money to buy myself some lovely treats from in London!

Last but not least, my boyfriends parents got me some lovely Lush bath bombs!
Frozen, Sex Bomb, Dragon's Egg and Ickle Baby Bot.

Instead of a party my Mum has given my boyfriend and I money to have afternoon tea at The Savoy in London, very soon! So we are very excited for that :D 

I had a perfect 21st, thank you to everyone who made it so special <3